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Building Permit Management System (The BPMS Suite)

The Philippine's First Fully-Automated Construction Permit and Management System

Inter-operable Building Permit Management System (BPMS)  software. BPMS is a web-based application system intends to automate the entire process of the Building Office following the laws and standards set forth in P.D. 1096 also known as "National Building Code of the Philippines ". BPMS aims to speed up the application evaluation process, notifications, task management, scheduling and issuance of building permits, occupancy permits, inspections, enforcements, and mapping while maintaining integrity, responsiveness and good governance.

School Integrated and Management System


Enrollment procedure is one of the main problems of a school, institution or college. To avoid inaccuracies in this, our enrollment system will be an instant remedy. Sky School Integrated and Management Systems is designed to perform the process involved in registration, advising assessment and financial aid for scholars and payment of students. This System includes admission, entrance exam, scheduling of classes, grade encoding, managing student academic records and financial information. Our company is focused in customers’ success for providing the most flexible and complete school management solutions. This gives you fast, accurate and comprehensive information necessary in the decision-making process. Thus, software delivers the simplicity and convenience that both of you and your students want.

Payroll System


A fast and accurate system that will save time in gathering employees’ time attendance, overtime, late and absences, computing employee pay, bonuses, incentives, loans and government distributions such as taxes, SSS, GSIS, PhilHealth, Pag-Ibig and PERAA based on user defined criteria and formulas. This solution covers several types of payment such as general payroll, ACAC/PERA payroll (government for LGU) bonus pay, advances, other benefits, and each type of payment can be split into daily, weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, and project based payment. Payroll system is use friendly, easy to set up, more secure and able to determine confidentiality data for privacy of company records from managerial to rank-and-file users.

Scheduling System


Making of Class Schedules is very hard for the class scheduling personnel to adjust each subjects of every department to every room that are available. That’s why when making class schedules, a computerized class scheduling system is a very big help for making it fast and stress-free. Our system can analyze adaptable information and determine when each section or class should literally meet to minimize possible conflicts. In addition, this system can generate faculty schedules, students’ schedules, and class schedules. It has requirement-based scheduling which has multiple views with customizable time period, and can generate schedule reports.



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